My Tonsillectomy Experience

Sad Sailor Moon

Before my surgery, I’d suffered from Tonsillitis every few months and I’d be in so much pain that I’d be crying myself to sleep 😥 Since I’m going to Japan next year, I didn’t want this to be another problem to deal with and the longer you leave a Tonsillectomy, the more painful it is so I thought now would be the perfect time!

I’ll be honest… this surgery is PAINFUL! D: But now that I’m over the worse, it’s totally worth it so I do recommend it. I’ll give a day by day experience of my first 10 days (it’s Day 10 as I write this) so anyone thinking about this surgery will have a better idea on what they’re getting into.

Surgery Day: The surgery lasted roughly 30 mins and I spent the rest of the day feeling very dozy so spent most of the day sleeping, which students need a lot of, so I wasn’t complaining! Also, I couldn’t use the toilet (no. 1 xD) for a few days so don’t worry if this happens to you, it’s just a side effect of the surgery!

Days 1: The pain medication was still working so I wasn’t in agony but I couldn’t talk and my throat felt very thick and I could already see scabs forming at the back of my throat. In my hospital, they made me eat a croissant before I went home because apparently eating solids helps a sore throat??? Needless to say I cried a few times.

Days 2-4: PAIN, PAIN, PAIN! These are by far the worst days and once you get over this it will get better, I promise! You will most likely not be able to talk and eat anything other than soup and mash. Drinking water hurts and you’ll have lots of pleghm which you won’t want to swallow (so you might want a spit cup). This isn’t pleasant, I know, but it helped me a lot. The scabs also start to form during this time so your throat, if you look inside, will be yellow and thick. This is normal, so don’t worry! Make sure to take paracetamol to ease the pain. There is also a risk of bleeding during this time. This didn’t happen to me but if you do get bleeding, go to the hospital right away.

Day 5-6: Mornings are always the worse so make sure you drink plenty of water before you go to sleep to keep yourself hydrated so your throat doesn’t dry out. Still painful but slightly less so than days 2-4. Nothing else has really changed at this point.

Day 7-9: My scabs started to come off during this time and although I didn’t feel any extreme pain, my throat had more of a burning/bruised sensation when I tried to drink or eat anything. Still uncomfortable and sleeping is a bit difficult, but I felt over the worse and was slowly getting better each day. I could also speak a little bit (albeit very hoarsely) which was a relief as I love to yak!

Day 10: Still discomfort when I eat/drink but I feel a zillion times better! 😀 Since I haven’t been able to go outside because of the risk of infection, my parents bought me a cake and some other soft treats to have now that I’m on the up. I can’t wait to go outside because I’m tired of being cooped up in the house. Nevertheless, I’m glad the worse is over and can’t wait to eat pizzas and other glorious foods soon!

My Tips:

  • I ate tea and biscuits (Day 6 onwards) for breakfast and this honestly was a lifesaver as it gave me the energy and hydration that I needed!
  • Mashed potatoes are beautiful.
  • Try to take your mind off the pain by watching movies, Netflix or playing games as you’ll focus on this pain if you don’t keep your mind busy!
  • Feeling nauseous or dizzy for the first few days is normal as you won’t be getting the right nutrients for your body and you’ll be weak as a result.
  • Listen to your body! If you’re thirsty, drink, no matter how much it hurts!
  • Time heals all wounds and no matter what pain you’re going through, I promise it will all be worth it so stay strong!! :3




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